Angela Allen

Dr. Angela Allen, PhD, is currently involved in and has contributed to several research projects in Sri Lanka, has made regular working visits to the island over the past seven years, as well as to India and Bangladesh as an officer of Hemoglobal®. Dr. Allen has been instrumental in establishing simple, affordable and reliable tests to screen for carriers of thalassemia and Hemoglobin E in Sri Lanka, developed workshops to train laboratory workers from across the island in simple screening procedures and helped to establish the National Thalassemia Reference Laboratory, University of Kelaniya, in Ragama. She has developed teaching materials for medical students in both United Kingdom (Swansea) and West Africa. Dr. Allen recently relocated from her post as Honorary Lecturer, School of Medicine, University of Wales Swansea, UK, to Liverpool and is continuing her work there. Her contributions have been critical to the success of the work in Sri Lanka.