Hemoglobal® is working to improve clinical care, including improving the organization and infrastructure within the clinics in which children with blood diseases are treated. We strive to optimize existing treatment, as well as to make more widely available approaches which offer a cure for many children.

We believe that it is important that each child with a serious blood disease receive continuity of care from a dedicated physician and nurse, as well as the social support needed in coping with a chronic illness. In both Sri Lanka and India, and ultimately throughout Asia, the organization of care, including access to care, is critical. Hemoglobal® supports research projects directed to the fundamental understanding of blood disorders.

Ultimately, we work to provide all children, regardless of birthplace, with the opportunities for treatment that are available in higher-income countries.

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    Access To Care

    Access To Care One goal of Hemoglobal® is to provide an opportunity to all children affected by any blood disease, but especially those from rural areas and those who have developed complications, to obtain regular consultation from dedicated experts.

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    Improving Care

    Improving Care In many parts of Asia, care for blood disease in children is less than optimal. Essential drugs, including antibiotics, are available to only a proportion of children. Inadequate laboratory support often results in delayed diagnosis and

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    Our 2020 Goals

    Our 2020 Goals Our 2020 goals focus primarily on improving clinical care for children with blood diseases in Sri Lanka and India (Kolkata). Hemoglobal’s support of clinical care in Kolkata has started with five priorities targeted for the year 2020.

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    Research Over the past few years, the founders of Hemoglobal® have primarily pursued research work in the inherited disorder, thalassemia, in Sri Lanka.  Stimulated by the founders of Hemoglobal’s interest in thalassemia, and in particular in the form of