Access To Care

One goal of Hemoglobal® is to provide an opportunity to all children affected by any blood disease, but especially those from rural areas and those who have developed complications, to obtain regular consultation from dedicated experts. Your gift helps to get these children to the clinic, as well as to subsidize international travel by Hemoglobal’s physicians and research team.

Travel for patients in rural areas for consultation at larger treatment centers

Children in many rural areas of Asia may not receive the evaluation and testing that is required for the successful treatment of a serious blood disorder. As a result, the child’s treatment may be compromised. Even a single visit to an expert treatment facility can assist a child’s ongoing management. In Sri Lanka, both The National Thalassemia Center in Kurunegala, and Dr. Anuja Premawardhena’s center at the University of Kelaniya, North Colombo, function as consultation centers for children with thalassaemia. One goal of Hemoglobal® is to provide an opportunity to all children affected by any blood disease — especially those from rural areas who have developed complications – to obtain regular expert consultation. The costs associated with a family’s travel within Sri Lanka are relatively low.

Your gift of $100 provides a means for a child and his or her guardian to travel from rural areas of Sri Lanka or West Bengal to the larger centers, such as the Medical College of Kolkata, or the National Thalassemia Center in Kurunegala, Sri Lanka.

International travel

Hemoglobal’s mission begins with meeting with children with blood diseases – listening to the child, examining him or her, reviewing often complex medical records, and advising on care with health caregivers and parents. On visits several times a year, Drs. Olivieri and Weatherall, along with dedicated local physicians, personally examine hundreds of children in clinics throughout the country. Each of these children receive detailed evaluation of all aspects of treatment and some have received this over nearly 20 years, while their caregivers have been updated in the more nuanced aspects of care. The Hemoglobal® doctors and other staff provide their time and expertise free of charge while subsidizing approximately half of international travel costs from their personal resources. Even so, the costs (for one 14-day trip) remain approximately $2,500 per person. Your gift helps subsidize travel to Asia for physicians and their clinical and research teams to share their interest and expertise.

Your donation of $2,500 supports an international visit, during which the Hemoglobal physician can review and assist in the care of over 100 patients.