Ways to help

Volunteer: We are always looking for dedicated volunteers to help in a variety of capacities here at Hemoglobal®! Please send us a quick email at info@hemoglobal.org with your CV attached and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Run a Fundraiser: Are you interested in getting involved in charitable work? Would you like to help out the international community but don’t know where to start? Help out Hemoglobal®! We’re a young charity that needs your help and enthusiasm. You can organize an event or fundraising drive to support Hemoglobal®and children with thalassemia in Sri Lanka and India. Some ideas are included below, but please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@hemoglobal.org with your plans!

  • Bake sale
  • Calendar or card sales
  • Car wash
  • Pizza party
  • School dance or university pub night
  • Walk/Run for Hemoglobal

School Partnerships: In the past, several passionate University of Toronto (U of T) students began a Hemoglobal® chapter at U of T St. George campus in Toronto. They held a few fundraisers and helped spread awareness about our charity and the work we do. Hemoglobal is looking to create partnerships with high schools, universities and colleges for the upcoming school year. If you would like to start a chapter at your university, please contact us with your request at info@hemoglobal.org for more information.

How your donation helps

Hemoglobal® relies on your charitable donations to provide care to children with blood disorders. Every dollar you donate goes directly to helping children suffering from thalassemia, acute lymphoblastic leukemia, or hemophilia in Asia. You can make a donation directly to Hemoglobal by credit card, cheque or via PayPal – just click the “donate” button and you will be taken through the very short and secure process. Any donation, small or large, is accepted. To find out how far your donation will go, please see our Projects page.